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Our mission is simple: to help build self-sufficient and consistent traders. With “Working from home and earning online” becoming such a hot topic, it’s hard to know where to turn when looking for reliable education and experience. MS Africa was founded by Olu Gbemi with the sole focus of filling that void for new, inexperienced and struggling traders.

Olu Gbemi started the MS Africa Academy to cut through the misconceptions surrounding Financial Markets Trading and provide education behind tested and proven trading systems that can be taught to anyone open-minded enough to learn. Having helped hundreds of individuals push forward in their pursuit of financial freedom and control, Olu Gbemi plans to make MS Africa a name that stays synonymous with profitable trading for years to come.

Forexversity Program

Complete Trading Education program

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MSA Shapes & Patterns

Learn to Trade with Chart Patterns

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MSA Risk & Money Management Course

Complete Trading Education program

MSA Risk Management

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Forexversity LAGOS

Complete Trading Education
(Lagos Offline Classes)

Forexversity LAGOS

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Featured Courses & Programs

Discover the power of the financial markets trading with MS Africa Academy. Forexversity courses and programs equip you with the essential knowledge and strategies to excel in the dynamic world of foreign exchange, empowering you to make confident trading decisions.

Unlock Your Potential, Master the Markets

Take your trading business to the next level with our tested and proven trading sytem!

MSAfrica Academy is dedicated to empowering aspiring traders to reach the apex in the forex market. Our coaching platform provides a comprehensive and personalized learning experience designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to navigate the dynamic world of trading.

Are you ready to take control of your trading future? Join MSAfrica Academy’s coaching platform and unlock your potential to master the markets.

Say Hello To Your Complete Trading Guide in One Book!

Ultimate Forex Trading Blueprint

This book is designed to serve as your guide at every step in your trading journey, as it covers the basics, through intermediate and the advance level of trading. It reveals to you the secret codes to consistent profits in trading, whether you are entirely new or an experienced trader.
This 6-in-1 book is a trading companion you can’t afford to lack in your library.


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Forexversity TV

The Forexversity TV is our oncoming Live Trading sessions to be hosted by trading instructors specializing in different trading aspects, and you can follow, trade with and learn from your favorite.
Joining the Forexversity TV will also give you access to our daily trade ideas, signals, and recommendations.
Be on the look out. We are working tirelessly to dish you the best yet the most affordable!

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Hear what our students have to say about their experience with MS Africa Academy. From transforming their trading skills to achieving remarkable results, our testimonials speak volumes about the value and effectiveness of our forex training programs.