Founder of MS Africa Academy shares her “secret profits system” in this 6 in 1 Currency trading Textbook!

Trading of Currencies or market derivatives has potential risks, just like it has potential rewards. And consistent profits seem out of reach for most retail traders.

Are you entirely new to the foreign exchange market but have heard all the not-so-interesting facts about how most traders lose money and are wondering whether there is ever a way to start your trading business on the right foot?

Perhaps you already trade but have only recorded consistent losses rather than profits. You have attended training after training, read books, bought courses, done your part to build a successful trading business, but nothing seems to be working out!

Or are you one of those who invested their hard-earned money with professed market gurus, only to lose it all to the market? Maybe you subscribed to copy trades or auto-bots but have had your accounts blown off many times!

Well, you are not alone! 

Over 90% of retail traders are going through the same phase as you!

But who are the 10% profitable traders? What do they do differently? If you have a 10% chance of succeeding in your trading business, are there ways you can bend the probabilities in your favor?

These were the questions that led me to the ultimate discovery! The secret codes to consistent profits in the largest financial market.

To help you and 99,999 others discover this secret, so you can finally turn your currency trading business around positively and begin grabbing your share of the global foreign exchange market, I have just put together a 6-in-1 trading textbook:

Ultimate Forex Trading Blueprint- The Money Seller’s Code:

Uncover the secret to consistent profit in currency trading.


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The Ultimate Forex Trading Blueprint will help you trade professionally by staying above the market’s noise and stand out from the crowd in your trading style. You will discover the secrets to finding highly profitable trading strategies that suit you as a trader and how to apply proper risk and money management, including other trading essentials, so you can consistently make money from the market.

This book covers all you need to turn your trading results around positively. You will learn from the very basics through an advanced level of trading, including the four core essentials, which the gurus are hiding away from you. Such as:

  • Basics of Currency Trading

  • Trading Mechanics

  • What to Know and Put in Place before Hitting the Market

  • A Professional Trading Plan Template to Help You Build Your Personalized Plan

  • Tested and Proven Profitable Trading Strategies

  • Risk and Money Management Strategies

  • The Winning Trading Psychology, and much more.

While I cannot promise you that you will make a million dollars in a few months, I can assure you that; if you read and apply all the tips and tricks I share in this book, you have no business losing (blowing) your trading capital anymore. And you stand a good chance of attaining the level of consistency you desire, as you succeed in protecting your account and have money to trade with, week after week.

The trading tips and tricks covered in this book have proven results. Each chapter provides new secrets that will help you stay in control of your financial future and get a leg up on making consistent profits in the market. If you follow the formula I reveal in this book, you will possibly enjoy the rest of your life unburdened by debt.

You already know what is right! Don’t delay reading this book and learning everything required for you to begin grabbing your share of the world’s largest financial market. Or would you prefer to remain a member of the losers club?

Let’s get you started on the path to true financial freedom RIGHT NOW!



“This book uncovers the potholes as to why most traders fail, the principles, as well as very clear pathways to achieving consistent and steady success that has been tested and therefore can be trusted. I also find this book to be very thorough in its methodological approach in dealing with every area related to trading the world’s largest financial market.

Such a great compendium as this book should be a MUST in every traders library because it informs your decisions, and clearly defines a true pathway to achieving success.”


“Wow.. this is absolutely an amazing book for traders and intending traders. It literally discussed everything one will need to be a successful trader, from the basics to the professional level in a layman’s language.

Well done Coach Gbemi. You outdid yourself here.

Every trader and intending trader needs this book!!!”


Forex made easy!!!

“This is most definitely the best book I have read based on currency trading. So easily assimilated and I love the simple way it is broken down to the easiest form. It is like I have the writer in my presence teaching me on a one-on-one basis.

The only question I have is when are you releasing your next book, can’t wait to devour your next masterpiece.”


“This book is a complete work on forex trading. The author successfully helps readers gain understanding from basic through a professional level with tested trading strategies.

I especially like the coverage of trading psychology and risk management. I highly recommend it for all kinds of traders.”


The Ultimate Forex Trading Blueprint written by Mrs Olugbemi is a powerful book. It helps explain Forex Trading from the scratch and it helps build a strong foundation in Forex Trading.
It also help one to be a profitable trader and gives a good foundation on Proper Risk Management and Money Management.

I recommend this book for everyone who wants to be successful in Forex Trading.


“Aside from covering the basics to advanced level of currency trading, I like that this book comes with a professional trading plans template. It is just what I need to scale my trading business.

This book is a must-read for everyone who desires to learn trading, including new and experienced traders.”


Okay, buckle up.

Cause I 100% Guarantee you’ll love this book or you can return the book within seven days of receiving your copy, and I’ll refund your money 100%.

I’ll even take it one step further:

If you apply the strategies outlined in this book, especially the risk and money management strategies; and trade with the proper account size yet blow/lose your trading capital,

Let me know, and I’ll refund you 100% of the book cost, plus you can keep the book just for wasting your time.

That’s right.
You don’t even have to return the book.
Just email me, and I’ll give you back your book fee.

Does that sound fair?
(well, let’s be honest, it’s not really fair – cause I’m getting the short end of the stick.)


But I can live with that. (smiles)

From the Desk Of OluGbemi,

Founder, MS Africa Academy,

Lagos, Nigeria.

August, 2021.

Dear Trader,

If you want to turn your trading business around positively and literally MULTIPLY YOUR MONEY consistently from the foreign exchange market, then this will be the most important book you’ll ever read.

Here’s why:

My name OluGbemi and six short years ago, I had just resigned from my day job as an auditor in an investment banking group.

I was tired, broke, and confused as I went all out searching for a small business I could run online that would afford me the luxury of caring for my young children personally while still making money to support myself and the family.

Although I spent about eight years on that job, I only got promoted once, despite being a chartered accountant and certified auditor. And I was on the same salary for the last four years after I got promoted, yet the cost of living continued to increase as I got married and began bringing forth children. I couldn’t do it anymore; I needed a change desperately.

Just a few months before my resignation, I discovered retail currency trading. And although at that time it felt like something only the big banks could do, I made up my mind to learn more about it and possibly give it a try.

I finally began trading later in the year. But oh my, did I start right? Trading wasn’t in any way a walk in the park for me. I blew off all my money to the market, as I was losing my trading capital week after week. 

It was a Thursday evening, and I had blown yet another account.

“Isn’t this whole thing just some high-profile scam? 

Why do I keep making some money here, losing some there, but never making a big score? 

I think I better give up on trading and focus on my other business.”

At that point, I remembered what my mentor once told me. He said: “The rule of money has changed… The new rule of money is Knowledge.” So I understand that if there is anything I’m struggling with, and there is one person, or more, out there successfully doing it, then it only means they know something I don’t know, and if I sell myself into learning, then I can achieve that which I truly desire.

And the realization that there are still retail traders who have remained consistently profitable in the currency market made me launch all-out research for the secrets to trading right.

I read books, took courses, and paid coaches. But essentially, I studied top traders around the world and tried to find what they do differently. There are four major trading secrets I isolated from my studies, and I began applying to my trading business.

And finally, I cracked the Codes, which I am about to share with you in this book: ULTIMATE FOREX TRADING BLUEPRINT: The Money Seller’s Code.

My discovery has helped me improve my trades and begin making consistent profits from currency trading. And not just that, through my online school- MS Africa Academy, I have also succeeded in helping over a thousand people learn to trade professionally and start making money from the market.

And to help more people and share my profit trading secrets with at least 100,000 ambitious traders, I have just published my first currency trading book, where I let it all out and revealed all you need to attain consistent profit from the market.

This book covers everything you need to turn your trading results around positively. You will learn from the very basics through an advanced level of trading, including the four core essentials, which the gurus are hiding away from you, so you can finally stop blowing your accounts (losing your capital) and attain consistent profitability in the market.

You will begin to think like the market makers and high-profile traders and avoid the market gamblers’ “get-rich-quick” mentality. That’s because you would have accepted the risk and probability of the market, and while you may not be able to avoid losses entirely, you can go home with consistent net profits. And finally, you will renounce your membership in the 90% losers club and move to the winning team.

You already know what is right! Don’t delay reading this book and learning everything required for you to begin grabbing your share of the world’s largest financial market. Or would you prefer to remain a member of the losers club?