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Please note that we have two training options in the Forexversity Program. The first is the Self-Paced complete course shown in the welcome video above. The second option includes the Self-paced course and 8 sessions of Live Interactive classes that we hold twice weekly via Zoom App.

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Ada Obidike

I am really grateful for the Money Sellers Africa. Prior to joining the academy, I had lost so much money in forex. I didn't know a thing about it, so I give money to people to trade for me, all I get at the end is stories of how they lost it all. I gave up on forex and considered it a scam. Months later I met a friend living a luxury life off forex, I asked if he could teach me but the amount he called was too much so I felt forex wasn't for me. However, on scrolling through Facebook one day, I saw a post about learning forex trading. I sent a massage and after enquiries I got registered into the Money Sellers Africa academy and it has been nothing but the best decision I ever made to learn forex. The academy's simplified, apt and practical lessons opened my eyes to what forex is all about, it isn't rocket science after all. The lessons are so simple that anyone can confidently take trades and succeed in forex trading after going through the academy's very interesting and complete practical lessons. Thank you for showing me how it is done. If you are looking to learn forex and succeed in it, Money Sellers Africa is your best bet.

Harrison Enameguono

Money Sellers academy made me a money seller indeed. It is from this academy that I learnt FX trading that is putting money into my pocket daily while I am home even amidst the lockdown. The truth is that Money Sellers academy taught me how to trade the FX market and as well made me to put to use my knowledge of business planning that I did not put to use before. I am so grateful to God who made it possible for me to encounter the President of the Academy, my amiable mentor, fondly called Gbemi. I lack words to appreciate you. You are coach and a mentor with the fear of God, a motivator, an encourager and always available to help. Thank you so and may God continue to bless you and all that are yours . I wish to invite everyone out there who wants other sources of income and most especially who wants to learn FX trading to apply to the, MONEY SELLERS AFRICA ACADEMY. I also want to say thank you to my amiable and kindhearted mentor."

Dr. Onimisi Salami

This training has really made me a better trader. I like it because it takes you from the very basics of Forex and prepares you for future progress. Overall it's a very valuable training course!

Kabir Afolayan

Joining Money Seller Academy has been a dream come true. Because I have been trained to analyze chart independently and that alone has built up my confidence and also helped me financially. I really appreciate my mentor and founder of this academy!

Muftau Oyeyemi

The training has really changed my mentality to see forex trading as a profession not scam and gambling. I was thought the secrets of trading forex professionally at affordable cost which has exposed me to opportunities in the forex market. The training was made simple with self explanatory video lectures and online interactive live sessions. Many thanks our dogged trainer Olu Gbemi.

Isiak Rasheed

I can boast anywhere that the Trading skills I acquired from MoneySellers Academy is a top-notch. Now I can face the market with no fear of losing my capital , I can independently take my trades and minimize my loss at the same time making profits.

Shola Odeyemi

Joining Money sellers Academy gave me more confidence in trading. The program gave me a good strategy and system to stay profitable in the market. When I saw your advert on Facebook, I knew this is the right academy to join and I never regretted joining. I am glad I made that decision.

Isaac Osaretin

The money seller Africa academic have indeed giving me a new perspective toward forex trading to treat forex as a business and not just a lottery. I have loved forex more. Thank you so much for your endless love and passion for what you do and represent.


From The Desk Of OluGbemi,

MS Africa Academy,

Lagos, Nigeria.

March 15

Dear trader/ intending trader,​

If you ever wish to Change Your Money Story and create a Widely Successful Currency Trading business, where you pick trades with ease, knowing that your transactions either hit the profit target or stop-loss. Yet you remain confident of going home with Consistent NET-Profit. Then, the Forexversity would be the only currency trading course you require.

Here is why: My name is OluGbemi, and about six years ago, I resigned from my secular job as an auditor in an investment banking sector. Then I began running my business online from home because my ultimate desire was the time freedom to take care of my children while still making a living. One of the ventures I picked up on the online space was Forex trading.

Is my journey as a Currency trader a “walk in the park?” Far from it!

I was blowing my trading accounts week in, week out. And at that point, I was ready to give up for good. But then, I sat back and remembered what my mentor once told me. He said: “The rule of money has changed… The new rule of money is Knowledge.” So I understand that if there is anything I’m struggling with, and there is one person, or more, out there successfully doing it, then it only means he/she knows something I don’t know, and if I sell myself into learning, then I can achieve that which I truly desire.​

The realization that there are still retail traders who have remained consistently profitable in the currency market made me launch all-out research for the secrets to trading right. 

I read books, took courses, and paid coaches. But essentially, I studied top traders around the world and tried to find what they do differently. I isolated a few major trading secrets from my studies, which I began applying to my trading business. ​

And finally, I cracked the Codes, which I am about to share with you in this training program: The Forexversity.​

My discovery has helped me turn my trades around and begin making consistent profits from the market. And not just that, I have also succeeded in helping thousands of others learn to trade professionally and start making money from the market. ​

The MoneySellers Africa’s Forexversity program is designed to help individuals begin trading on the right foot by taking them from Basic through Intermediate and Advanced levels of currencies trading.​ 

This program is for you if you want to learn it all, as it covers Day (Short-term) trading and Swing (Long term) trading programs. If you are busy with a day job or business and want to trade and earn good extra income without affecting what you do currently, then the Forexversity is for you!

Take a look at what this student has to say after withdrawing his profit for the first time in 3 years of trading:



The Highly Profitable Strategies we teach on the Forexversity can be applied to the Forex Market, Crypto Currencies, Commodities, and Stock Trading. ​

The Forexversity program is in two packages:​

 ** Self-paced Course Option: This is an online self-paced, self-explanatory video course, covering Basic through Intermediate and Advanced levels of currencies trading. You will be granted a minimum of one year of access to these courses immediately after confirmation of your registration fee.​

 ** Premium Package: This is a combination of the Self-Paced Courses option, plus Live Interactive Coaching Classes and two months mentoring period. Here, there are eight(8) classes holding twice weekly, via the Zoom webinar app, at a schedule that we will share with you upon registration. Note that you will have access to the replay of any class you miss.​​

As a bonus, we will give you access to our Professional Level “Attaining Consistency” Course, which covers Setting Up and Implementing your Trading Plans, Professional Risk Management, Optimizing Trading Strategies, and Trading Psychology. And we show you the exact steps for applying them to help you attain Consistent Profitability in Your Trading Business.



You’ve got two choices here…

You could keep trying to figure out all this stuff on your own and waste thousands going through the process like I did. Even for the smartest of people, this’ll take years.


You could Grab my strategies and get MASSIVE results in a matter of months!

What sounds better to you?

Delaying your dreams another few years, or grabbing my success strategies… TODAY.

What will you choose?


We guarantee that after taking and applying the lessons in this program, you no longer have business blowing up your trading account. And as you always have money in your account to trade with, it wouldn’t take long for you to attain the level of consistent profitability that you desire.
If you follow everything we teach on this program, yet blow your account within 90 Days, we will refund you 100% of your training fee.

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