MS Africa Academy



Our mission is simple: to help build self-sufficient and consistently profitable traders. With “making money online” becoming such a hot topic, it’s hard to know where to turn when looking for reliable education and experience. MS Africa was founded by Olu Gbemi with the sole focus of filling that void for new, inexperienced and struggling traders.

Olu Gbemi started the MS Africa Academy to cut through the misconceptions surrounding the Forex industry and provide education behind profitable trading systems that can be taught to anyone open-minded enough to learn. Having helped hundreds of individuals push forward in their pursuit of financial freedom and control, Olu Gbemi plans to make MS Africa a name that stays synonymous with profitable trading for years to come.

The Academy is especially poised to liberate young Africans from the shackles of poverty by helping them acquire the lifelong skill of currency trading, with the right mentality that can ensure consistent income.   



OluGbemi is a Mother, a Market Analyst, an Author, and a Chartered Accountant with wealth of experience in finance and investment banking industry.

Although she started the forex community (a Facebook group of over 10,000 members) to bring structure and discipline to her trading and share her experiences in the journey to becoming a consistently profitable trader with others, her desire to help new and struggling traders avoid the long route of consistent losses has resulted in founding the MS Africa Academy.

Through her Academy, Olugbemi has succeeded in going beyond just creating a source of income for herself; she has also helped many individuals to acquire the unique skill-set and begin trading professionally and profitably. 

To help more people win in trading, OluGbemi recently authored the Ultimate Forex Trading Blueprint book in addition to her training programs. And she is also one of the trading experts with XM, a renowned international forex broking company. 

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